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Trusted Relationships. Personal Service. That’s Casey Wealth.

Some firms want to cover the world. We’re happy serving our corner of it. As life-long residents of the Southwest Suburbs, we focus on serving the people that make up our community.  You’ve worked hard to build a life for you and your loved ones, and we’re here to help you make the best decisions possible. Our goal is to keep your financial future safe and functioning efficiently.

Why do our clients choose Casey Wealth? It’s simple.

We Provide Personalized Service that Other Firms Don’t.

Whether it’s dealing with the financial aspects of losing a loved one, or dealing with a crisis, we understand what’s at stake. We’ll take the time to intimately guide you, explain the important aspects of decisions you need to make, and help you move forward.  These are the times when you need someone you can trust, and Casey Wealth has proven time and again to be the advisor that steps forward when you need them the most.

Fee-Based and Independent

Most larger firms and many smaller ones have proprietary ties to the investment vehicles they recommend, and many of them are incentivized to promote the products they claim are in the best interest of their customers. Casey Wealth is completely independent, so when we recommend investments or products, you know that they are truly and solely in your best interest.

Building Plans that Work Specifically for You

Your needs, goals and dreams are specific to you, so why should you settle for a solution built in a box? Casey Wealth has 25 years of experience building solutions that are unique to each of our clients. We know that when you combine your individuals goals with the array of investment options, the possibilities are endless. We specialize in guiding you to the solutions that work best for you to achieve your goals, and help you create a financial roadmap to get there.

We Invest in the Community Around Us.

As members of this community, our roots run deep. We know that when we help you succeed, we help our community thrive. We are a local firm focused on serving our local customers.  As part of the South Side community, we’re devoted to helping families and businesses enjoy the present while building the future. 

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Financial Planning

Whether you’re in crisis or planning for the future, Casey Wealth is here to help. We know there is no “One size fits all” financial solution, and we have over 25 years of experience guiding people just like you.



Retirement Planning

If your retirement is around the corner or decades away, Casey Wealth is an expert in creating a financial roadmap that works for you.  We help you to identify your financial goals, and let you know the reality of what to expect.