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Maximizing Social Security

You’ve most likely contributed to Social Security during your working life.  For many, Social Security benefits will be a primary source of income in retirement.  That’s why how you apply for your Social Security benefits is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make.

There are over 500 ways to claim Social Security benefits.  On top of that, there are well over 100,000 rules that apply to the filing process. Unfortunately, Social Security Administration employees are not even allowed to help you maximize your benefits. 

Depending on your spousal situation and contribution history, hundreds of thousands of dollars could be lost without using an optimized Social Security filing strategy. 

Who it Affects Most

For a few people, such as those who have never been married, the process is fairly straightforward; however, some situations, as listed below, are much more complex.

  • Married couples with one or more spouse entitled to benefits
  • More than one spouse throughout lifetime
  • Divorcees
  • Deceased Spouse

Maximizing Benefits

You’ve worked hard for the Social Security payments you’re claiming; why not make sure you receive the greatest amount of benefit for your unique financial needs?  The answer will be different for everyone.  We can show you your options and help you determine the best route for you to follow based on your financial picture. 

We will provide a report detailing the impact of your choices on the benefits you’ll receive.  You’ll be better prepared to make some key decisions about setting a target retirement date, planning distributions of Qualified funds and projecting your annual and lifetime benefits.

You only get one* chance to make the right decision.  Doesn’t it make sense to ask a professional?

* In most instances, you are allowed 12 months to change any filing decisions you’ve made.  After 12 months, your decisions are final.



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