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Estate Planning

When you’ve spent a lifetime building up a legacy for your loved ones, you want to make sure that what you've acquired is fully protected and distributed in accordance with your wishes.

We will walk along with you during this process to guide you all the way through.  We have worked with and will refer you to one of our estate planning attorneys that has worked well with our clients. They can help you to set up trusts and beneficiary designations to make sure your living heirs receive what you want them to have. You will receive the necessary help you need to create concise instructions for after you’ve passed on, so you can rest assured knowing your final wishes will be honored. We can also provide guidance in cases where a life event has changed your wishes and assist you with any of the financial aspects of your trust or estate.

Why should you choose us for estate planning?

    • We’ll help you to decipher and understand all the “legalese” of complex estate planning documents.
    • We'll help you to know and understand what questions you should be asking of your attorney, of yourself and of your potential beneficiaries.
    • We'll work on your behalf to make sure your trust and estate is set up just the way you want it - not just based on an attorney’s interpretation or opinion.
    • We offer a system of checks and balances to help protect your financial interests and keep things as fair and equitable as possible.

    Beneficiary Education

    When you’ve spent a lifetime building a legacy to pass on to others, you want to make sure that they possess the understanding to handle it knowledgeably and responsibly. Beneficiary education is a unique service offered by Casey Wealth Management. We have found that many of our clients and their heirs have benefited greatly from these guided services.  We highly recommend that our clients take advantage of this valuable service.

    Are you ready to learn more about our estate planning services? Contact us for a complimentary consultation.



    Financial Planning

    Whether you’re in crisis or planning for the future, Casey Wealth is here to help. We know there is no “One size fits all” financial solution, and we have over 25 years of experience guiding people just like you.



    Retirement Planning

    If your retirement is around the corner or decades away, Casey Wealth is an expert in creating a financial roadmap that works for you.  We help you to identify your financial goals, and let you know the reality of what to expect.